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How can parents be benefited here?

There is no one more concerned than parents about their children’s studies, education or schooling. They expect the best education institution, school and learning system for their children’s good education. Schoolz help those needy parents find their children a school that satisfies their and children’s needs and expectations.

At Schoolz, we understand how difficult it is for students and parents to find the perfect school. Standing in a long queue for admission forms, visiting the school and meeting associated school personnel in person, and read the lengthy prospectus sounds too strenuous and confusing for parents to get their pupils admission to the best schools. But, Schoolz, being a resourceful digital platform, makes it really easy and quick for its users to find schools they are looking for while skipping all these tasks (that you seriously don’t want to do) and saving your time and money.

Let’s have a quick look at some benefits you (parents) get here:

·  Access to an immense database including information on some world class schools across Delhi NCR

·  A trouble-free and quick way to get detailed information on any registered school

·  Getting any query regarding admission, school facilities or features, or learning system answered by school online

·  Applying online for admission by filling and submitting the online admission form of the concerned school.

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Today, many parents may feel too busy or stressed to find time to find a good school for their children, visit the school and meet its principle and teachers in person. To make it easier for parents and avoid those stressful, time-taking procedures for admission, we have provided Parent search engine that can be used to find comprehensive, precise information on varied schools around the desired location. Moreover, you can specify your needs including school location and facilities you are looking for to get exact search results.  


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Did you hear? Admissions are open in accredited schools around the city. Schoolz has varied meritorious schools registered with them and admission announcements are made online by these schools every year so that parents, guardian and students can get aware and get started with the admission process to get their children into the desired school.

With so many formalities and proceedings associated with the admission process, getting admission in accredited and best schools around is quite a tough job. But not actually with Schoolz. You can sign up for Schoolz and get notified on new updates and announcements regarding school admissions.

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Stand in a long queue with hundreds of parents and guardians around, make a prior appointment with the concerned school personnel, visit the school’s admission office, have a long informal discussion with the concerned person, go though the lengthy prospectus to get an insight into the school and maybe a few more visits to confirm the admission-Sounds too intimidating and strenuous?? 

Well, you can easily avoid this traditional method of getting your child into the best possible school by simply switching to Here, you will find a vast range of accredited and famed schools across the city. Using our search engine, you can easily access schools in the specified area in no time from any place and even apply for admission online.  

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