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The Children\'s Message By Accident Rescue
The Children's Message By Accident Rescue

News reporter, Rajendra Nagar: Follow the rules of the road accidents can be reduced. Every year millions of people ignore the rules are due to expire at the untimely age cheek. Thursday at the Swami Vivekananda Saraswati Vidya Mandir Rajendra Nagar Sector complex Satyameva Jayate three seasons exposed to the ill effects of -3 Ovrspeed performing episodes. Children staged scene of the accident. Speakers at the speed of running the vehicle in front of the rider is injured then builds on those bedridden. So the traffic rules and enforce them is essential. Class 12 students in the program appealed to obey traffic rules. Do not give children the vehicle: Principal Vipin Rathi said parents often give their children tend to be an adult before the motorcycle and scooter. As long as he does not become licensed Drai¨vg any vehicle should not give them. The children should go to school cycle. The project showed the cause of the accident: the projector in class children are shown how accidents happen, how they can be avoided? While on the road is important to follow traffic rules. Helmets and seat belts are required. While on the road talking on mobile call risk.