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IX Student Put On The Failure Execution
IX Student Put On The Failure Execution
News reporter, Sahibabad (Ghaziabad): Shyam Park Extension dwelling in two subjects in the ninth grade when I failed an exam, a student committed suicide by hanging. Deceased father's brother reported seeing him hanging from the ceiling fan. The police sent the body for autopsy. The father and brother of the deceased after the event weep out bad.
Younger brother was sleeping in another room. Living in a block of Park Extension black wife and three children live with Nandlal. He Mohan Nagar employees in a company. Nanda said that a few days have Gazipur wife and eldest son. Her daughter (16 years) and younger son Nitesh was home. Her black park extension was a school student in the ninth. About six o'clock in the morning he went to his office Thursday. Around ten o'clock, he got a call that is hanged daughter Manisha. Nand Lal crying arrived home to find information and reported to the police. Son Nitesh revealed spoke at the event was sleeping in the other room. Sahibabad police station officer Upendra Yadav said the case is being investigated. The investigation has resulted in the failure that was the result of yesterday's wisdom because he was upset. That's because she took such a step. No suicide note has been found. Father had explained at night.
Nandlal said Wednesday was the result of wisdom that the school had failed in two subjects. That's because he was upset all day yesterday. He explained that he was not disturbed at night, thinking ahead. Seeing the body of the father was not the first tear. When he arrived home, looking at daughter's body was wrapped around the neck and wept son Nitesh.
Many times when I failed the exam on children is profound shock. The hoop stress in the brain is ready, so are forced to take such a step.
- DR. Sanjeev Tyagi, senior psychiatrist