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In The Case Of School Stationery Shops To CM
In The Case Of School Stationery Shops To CM
News reporter, Sahibabad :
In the case of private schools, stationery shops and now chief of the state has risen to the Chief Justice of the High Court. Student-Parents Association, sent a letter to both Ghaziabad. This Ghaziabad business information has been running private schools. On the other hand, in this case DM Vimal Kumar Sharma said on Thursday that the case is their eye. Action will be taken soon.
To blow up the matter of selling stationery and games Increasing wildly in private schools and school fees case as stationery and blow up the dress is sold. Student-Parents Association office in Ghaziabad district officials arrived on Thursday. E-mail a copy of a letter from the office of the District Magistrate of handing the Association has sought time to meet. Association spokesman Neeraj Bhatnagar said the school dress and stationery outlets will be taken in the school premises. After coming to the order of the High Court on the issue alert Association is now.
Five years ago, a school management will be prevented if there is a change of dress. DM has been assigned a letter from the Association. Hopefully the district administration to respect the decision of the High Court in the case will proceed. On Thursday, a letter from the Association of the state Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Secretary and the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court has been sent to the Ghaziabad rigged private schools and parents have been fully aware of the economic exploitation. The Lucknow Bench of the High Court, which is attached a copy of the order in which schools take advance fees, stationery and selling dress is withheld. The action is for all of the district administration. Said collector
Student-Parents Association in respect of a letter from Ghaziabad DM Vimal Kumar Sharma was when he received a letter from the Association. After studying the High Court's decision in this regard is likely to be some action. Will be fully complied with the court order.